• Block Print – Manually press wood blocks to print
  • Screen Print – Create design on silk screen, dyes are pressed into the fabric
  • Flatbed Print – Semi-automated screen print
  • T shirt print – Computerised photo print onto garment

3 Embroideries

  • Hand Embroidery – Embroidery by hand. Designs can be made in multitude of ways
  • Chikin Embroidery – Turing the fabric by hand, design is made using a sewing machine like device
  • Ari Embroidery – Needle is turned by hand machine to create chainstitch designs
  • Beadswork – Attaching beads by hand to make designs

3 Fabrics

  • Ikat – Yarn is tiie dyed and then woven to make designs
  • Wool Gauze (Jacquard, solid, print) – soft wool gauze fabric
  • Khadi Wool – Hand spun, hand woven wool
  • Khadi Cotton / Linen – Hand spun, hand woven cotton, linen or other natural material