Sustainable Printing

Various Prints

Block print: Hand pressMultiple blocks overlaid
Block print is done by hand on fabric by artisans. It is time consuming but the final result is a work of art.
Hand brush print. This is also a work of art.

Hand Screen Print

1 roll of 25mtrs-50mtrs of fabric is laid out on a table. Silk screen is used to print on the fabric along the fabrics length. The screen is moved along the length of the fabric to 2 artisans on both sides of the table. 
 After print, the fabric is washed and dried naturally using the hot Indian Sun.

T Shirt Printing

IMG_2849T Shirt auto flatbed 12 frame rotation transcription printing device
Flatbed auto transcription print lineIMG_2853
IMG_2858Image(Photo, Art, Motif) can be used by this device and printed on T-Shirts. Maximum 12 frames per image.

Flat bed printing

Print FabricPrint Frame
Roller processHeat process