Business Model

  • Introduce quality products from all over the world
  • Introduce new technics, technologies, methods
  • Help keep alive traditional methods
  • Overseas production (especially in India)
  • Management of production, delivery, quality, specificationsbusinessmodel
  • Realtime communication to ease concerns, worries
  • Consultation work

Work Details

  • Apparel production at Indian Factory
  • Import and consultation in importing Raw Materials from India
  • Consultation in import of Minerals and ores from India, China, and Mongolia
  • Local Field support in India and China. Language and cultural support
  • Overseas Guide (India, UAE)

Apparel Production(Characteristics)

  • Small lot production
  • Quick Deliveries
  • Quick and accurate scheduling and reporting
  • Quality management (Inspection locally as well as at 3rd party facility)